Tea Party at Sensa Hotel Bandung

Tea Party at Sensa Hotel Bandung

Feeling Fancy? Let’s Have a Tea Party at Sensa Hotel Bandung
“Arisan” or ladies gathering is kind of a common thing for women. Some of them like to host this kind of event at their house. But, there is no shame to deny that hosting a party at home is kind of hard for some people, even though it is just a small gathering. The best for this kind of gathering is a hotel restaurant. Your first choice should be Sensa Hotel Bandung. Are you wonder why? Because, in this place, they serve the best and various teas and delicious pastries. They are the best combination for a ladies gathering.

Why is Sensa Hotel the best for your gathering?
The location can be on the top of the list. Sensa Hotel Bandung is located in the middle of the shopping district of Bandung, which is Jalan Cihampelas. The hotel is in the area of Cihampelas Walk which is very popular for the shopping trip. The best thing is you only need to do one stop and do two kinds of activities at once, shopping and gathering. When you have a gathering at Sensa Hotel, you will be served in the best place in the city. The restaurant where the gathering is located is on the third floor of the hotel and it has city view. You can enjoy the company of your friends and family while you are in the gathering and also see Bandung from above. And the greatest thing to choose Sensa Hotel for your next gathering is they serve the best tea.

Here is the seven best tea which is served at Sensa Hotel Bandung:
Earl Grey
Earl Grey is known as the most famous black tea. The serving is usually the combination of the black tea and lemon and bergamot oil. It will make the tea smells so good and fresh. The taste of this tea can be sweet, sour, and bitter. It is best to be served with scones or biscuits.
Darjeeling has become the second favorite tea in the world. It is also one of the variants of the black tea which is originated from India. When you Darjeeling tea, you can choose between Darjeeling first flush and the second flush. The first type is taken from the tea which is harvested at spring and for the second one is harvested in summer. When you taste the tea, you will feel that it is similar to the green tea but you smell flower and fruit on it. Drinking Darjeeling tea is the best with a savory snack, such as croissant, canape, and sandwich.
Chamomile is the proper choice when you want decaffeinated tea. This tea is made from tea leaf and dried chamomile flowers. The smell is similar to the combination of apple and flower. Enjoying afternoon tea party with chamomile tea is perfect for fruitcake or sweet flavored scone.
Green Tea
Green tea is well-known as Japanese tea but many people from English is like green tea. The strong smell is the signature of it with green clear liquid. The sour and bitter tastes blend on the green tea drinks and it matched perfectly with the sweet cake.
Ceylon is categorized as the white tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. Ceylon black tea is known as Sri Lanka black tea and it has flower small which is believed can calm the nerve and mind. When you enjoy Ceylon, it is best to be served with macaroon, cupcake, or any sweet snacks.

Assam is black tea which comes from Assam, India. It has malt smell and strong taste. When you choose to have Assam tea, you should have a muffin, trifle, or sweet cake for the company.
Rose Congou
The last tea which is usually served at the tea party is rose congou. It is made from black tea which is mixed with dried rose petals and the smell is very good. This tea has been popular since Victorian Era and it has not changed until now. Eating scone, cracker or macaroon will suit with this tea.

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